Charging your electric car 
has never been easier

The investment in private charging station at home is significant.
It involves installation work and a dependency on an
installer and their busy schedule. You might think it's an unavoidable
cost if you want to drive electric. izibill proves otherwise.


Order your izibill kit


izibill makes charging your electric car very straightforward. The 
kit consists of two parts: a universal charging chip, izichip, which you stick
into the socket (your ‘charging card’) and our izibox , which 
functions as a ‘charging station’ for your car. 
For €733, you’ll receive the izibox and five izichips.

Need an extra izichip? For just €1, you’ll get an izichip and create an
additional charging point that can be used on any socket.



the app and activate
the izichip


Download the izibill app on your smartphone to connect.


Insert the izichip
into the socket


The chip is easy to install into the socket thanks to the pre-cut
holes. Charge your car at an izichip registered socket.


Charge and get paid


Register your izibox and start charging!
izibill (izichip & izibox) keeps track of your energy consumption,
calculates your usage instantly, and ensures automatic cost

90% of your trips charged on 
a simple power socket

Order, plug and start charging​